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3. 運送信息



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5. 提交訂單



6. 確認電郵



7. 支付



8. 發貨

買家收到付款後安排發貨,發貨統一使用EMS。 EMS運單的追踪信息將會通過郵件通知您,以便查詢郵寄狀態。


1.Choose a product

Select the number of products you want to add to the shopping cart.

2. Checkout

Log in member area to continue checkout.

3. Shipping information

Enter your shipping information and choose your preferred shipping method.

4.Pay the information

Enter your payment information.

5. Submit the order

Confirm your shipping address, billing address, and payment information to submit your order.

6. Confirm the email

After the checkout is complete, you will receive an email from the merchant. The email will contain the final shipping charge for your order.

7. Pay

Confirm shipping costs and authorize verification, payment.

8. Delivery

After the buyer receives the payment arrangements delivery, delivery uniform use of EMS. EMS tracking information will be notified by mail, in order to check the status of mailing.