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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1 services
1.1 we are the China Venture Capital Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary ofthe company love home network (hereinafter referred to as "we","the company", "love home" or "OKFamily), and we haveand website management. Our website through the Internet (including through theuse of application program or software) to provide convenience shoppingpatterns and all-weather provide online shopping and information ("services ").
1.2 you are using the website, which means you agree to be bound by thefollowing terms and conditions, please refer to the relevant terms andconditions.
1.3 terms and conditions used in the meaning of a number of words:
1.3.1 "we" is a reference to the name or name of the person or companythat provides the service.
1.3.2 "Your Excellency" is a reference to a person who provides uswith a service or delivery of goods and a person who is required to pay for thegoods we have delivered.
1.3.3 "content" means all text, logo image, icons, photos, video,mobile visual figurative images or sound combination and our website selectedshown or used or with the image, sound effects, computer programs and othermaterials.
1.3.4 "goods" means goods or services that you order and will be paidthrough our website.
1.3.5 "intellectual property rights" refers to any and all patent,trademarks, domain name rights, design rights, copyright and database rights(whether or not has been registered and registered any of the above applicationor in respect of any of the above apply for the registration of rights),confidential information rights and objectives before or may in the future thananywhere in the world are similar or corresponding properties of all otherintellectual property rights.
1.3.6 "service" has the meaning given in Article 1.1.
1.3.7 "supplier" means the seller and the supplier of the goods youordered through our website.
1.3.8 "site" refers to the OKFamily website ( andany related sites connected with it.
1.3.9 "user content" means the meaning given in article 10.1.
2 Registration
2.1 you are required in the use of the services or make order to us registered.Via registration, your statement (and we have the right according to thedependent statement regarding) you are at least 18 years old or above, andconstitutes a legally binding contract.
2.2 you have stated to us and through all the suppliers of goods to us andthrough our website that all orders placed on our website will be within thepower of your contract.
2.3 in view of your use of our services, you agree to:
2.3.1 to fill in the registration form to provide you with the true, accurate,up-to-date and complete information; and

2.3.2 maintainand promptly update your registration information to ensure that relevantinformation is true, accurate, current and complete. As we have reasonablegrounds to suspect that any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not the newor incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your registration.
3 order
3.1 unless otherwise stated, we are not the seller or supplier of the goods. Weare responsible for managing the site, arranging the order processing processand completing the goods we ordered from our website through our website.
3.2 when you make a purchase, you according to a specified commodity prices tosuppliers to buy the goods. You once submitted, shall not cancel the order,even if we do not accept or reject your orders.
3.3 we will confirm by email that we have received your order:
3.3.1 details of your order,
Details of the price charged by 3.3.2,
3.3.3 your order follow up information, and
3.3.4 is expected to send and deliver the information.
This newsletter will indicate that we accept your order on behalf of thesupplier. You can track your order status online.
3.4 we accepted your order will only cover the confirmation refers to thegoods, and may not cover all the goods you ordered. In the case of thecircumstances, when we have the remaining goods of your order further issuedadmission confirm, you should have some orders made by ordering party accepted.
3.5 the inventory of goods is available on the Internet and will be updatedregularly by the supplier, but should not be relied upon as an exact statementof the goods you are interested in buying.
We reserve the right to 3.6 may in its sole discretion any reason not to acceptor cancel the order, including but not limited to:
3.6.1 there is not enough stock in the goods you ordered;
3.6.2 failed to arrange delivery in your area; or
3.6.3 the price of one or more of the items you ordered is wrong with the pricedata provided by the person or computer or the pricing data provided by thesupplier.
3.7 as we have to cancel your order, we will to email to inform you, and assoon as possible but in any case in your order a total of 30 (30) days in youraccount deposit we in your credit card buckle minus the amount of any. Youaccept we shall not be obliged to on your dissatisfaction and make anycompensation.
4 price and payment
4.1 we will take all reasonable commercial efforts to in our website shows thataccurate and latest price. However, due to the sales of various types ofcommodity price usually by the supplier updates. So we accept your ordersbefore the unable to list does the price.
4.2 if the price of a commodity is higher than the price we would like toaccept your order, we will
4.2.1 cancel your order, or
4.2.2 to contact you to consult you if you are willing to pay a higher price orcancel your order.
4.3 as we cancel the order and you have to make any payment, we will refund toyou. You agree to and accept us not just your dissatisfaction and make anycompensation.
4.4 we only accept visa and MasterCard credit card payment. When you make apurchase, you authorize us, as we accept your order amount of goods to yourdesignated credit card payments. Before receiving money, goods ownership doesnot transfer to your.
4.5 we use third party payment service for online transactions. When you make apurchase, you agree to and accept by the terms and conditions of the limit,your credit card information will be we and payment service providerscollecting, processing, and retain. You agree to and accept, you separate andalone to bear you in credit card transactions incurred or produce any loss, andwe in any case will not bear any part or all of the loss.
5 delivery
5.1 except for the lunar new year the first two days and when the No. 8 orabove typhoon warning signal or black rainstorm warning is in force when, we byweek a solstice only in Hong Kong's specific area delivery. We present no toremote areas and islands, and there is no elevator equipment building delivery.We reserve the sole and absolute discretion to refuse delivery of rights. Youagree and accept that you will from our logistics center charge ordered goods,in any case we will not accept cancellation or refund to you.
5.2 we will your ordered goods through our staff or third party suppliersdelivery your shipping address. When you acknowledge receipt of goods at thesame time, your consent should be required to produce proof of identity photoswith. When the delivery of goods delivery to your provided the deliveryaddress, commodities are regarded as delivered to your Excellency and receivedby you. If you for any reason and fail to receive the goods, you agree to andaccept that we have the right to choose to you charge additional fees or cancelyour order.
5.3 unless otherwise specified, we will use all reasonable commercial effortsin the acceptance of your order 24 hours delivery. According to the priorarrangements online, your excellency for ordering or can select any one canchoose the delivery period.
5.4 we may once or several times of delivery, and a portion of the goods maydirectly by the supplier delivery. About sending goods any time and date ordelivery time required is only estimated. If we failed to meet any prescribed
We shall notify you of the progress of your order by the date or time of delivery ordelivery, and we will not accept any cancellation or refund of your order inany event.
5.5 when the goods have been delivered to you, you will become the owner of thegoods. When the goods have been delivered to you, you will take the risk ofholding the goods and we will not be responsible for their loss or damage.
5.6 unless otherwise specified or promotion period, Under HKD500 local purchase each delivery will impose the shipping cost HKD50 /HKD20 (for local delivery Door to Door / Self Pick-up), Above HKD500 local purchase is free shipping; Under HKD1000 overseas purchases will be imposed shipping cost HKD300( for overseas delivery), Above HKD1000 overseas purchase is free shipping

6 return or replacement
6.1 except as otherwise provided, we do not accept return or replacement of thegoods. Please read the return or replacement policy prescribed by the supplierbefore ordering.
6.2 according to individual suppliers return or replacement policy, if youorder goods failure, defective or damaged (you are not missed), or to goods notyou ordered, or the number of deliveries is not correct, on the date of receiptof seven (7) days to return or exchange, except for:
6.2.1 return or replacement policy applicable;
6.2.2 products not used shall be the original sale, together with goods toprovide all parts and accessories, including manual, certificate, labels, tags,consumables, bags and boxes;
The packing of 6.2.3 goods must be in the state of delivery to your excellency;and
6.2.4 request for return or replacement is sent to our customer servicerepresentative via instant messaging. The goods are returned to the supplier throughour free collection at the supplier's delivery address.
6.3 you agree to and accept, refundable goods only eligible for attaching duerefund form, MallDollar (refund), for your next purchase. Does not provide acash refund. If there is any discount on purchase application for the totalpurchase price, you will receive a refund of the purchase of the goods paidamount of MallDollar (refund). If you purchase has been used MallDollar(refund) and from your user account charged $5.99 for cumulative MallDollar(refund). You agree to and accept, when the end of your user account, allMallDollar (refund) will be canceled.
6.4 you agree and accept that the goods are subject to change depending on thesupply of stock.
6.5 you agree to and accept, whether accept return or replacement of goods is asupplier of sole discretion. In any case we will not accept direct to usreturn, or for you for any reason incurred damage responsible.
7 disclaimer and limitation of liability
7.1 we do not declare or guaranteed access to our website (including the use ofmobile phone application program or software) or any part thereof will bewithout any obstruction, reliable or not fault.
7.2 we do not declare or guarantee that our website or any of its contents willbe accurate, complete or reliable.
7.3 we do not declare or guarantee:
7.3.1 any services (whether or not provided by us) will be provided withappropriate caution and skill; or
7.3.2 any commodity (whether or not provided by us) will be available for saleor will be suitable for any purpose (although it has been notified to us inadvance).
7.4 you agree that none of the Internet data transmission can be guaranteed tocompletely safe. Despite efforts to protect the data, we do not guarantee andto ensure your transfer to our data security. You to our transmission anyinformation shall be at your own risk.
7.5 under the scope of the legislation, we exclude all liability for you in thefollowing reasons (whether in contract, tort or other forms and whether or notfor our negligence):
7.5.1 on our web site (including the use of the application or software) or anyof the information or any of the relevant technical, factual, text or printinaccuracies, errors or omissions;
7.5.2 failed to provide our website (or any of its parts), goods or services;
7.5.3 any delay in providing, or failing to provide or make available for theuse of goods or services, or any of the negligence of goods or servicesprovided;
7.5.4 any commodity that does not have the quality of a product to be sold orsuitable for its intended use; or
7.5.5 any of our website, the goods or services of misrepresentation.
7.6 in addition to the provisions of the law:
7.6.1 we will not any indirect or consequential of loss, damage or expense toyou responsible, including any of your informed us of the problem caused by theprofit and loss of business or goodwill, and
7.6.2 we shall not be responsible to pay you any money in compensation, unlessotherwise specified in these terms and conditions.
7.7 you must abide by and comply with all applicable regulations and laws,including all from our website to buy goods to the customs, import or otherlicense. We don't you buy the goods imported or exported for any statements orassume any responsibility.
7.8 you agree that these restrictions are reasonable in terms of the nature ofour website, especially if you have a separate contract with suppliers,especially since you buy goods through our website.
7.9 above to eliminate almost does not affect any can't be ruled out legal rights.However, in this case, our responsibility in legal permission) will be limitedto to you to supply goods or services.
7.10 the above exclusion or restriction shall be interpreted in terms of suchterms and conditions as the independent and separable provisions.
8 guarantee
8.1 you declare, guarantee and promise, you will not:
8.1.1 use our website for any fraudulent or illegal use;
8.1.2 using our sites slander, abuse, harassment, tracking, threats oraggression the rights of other people (including, but not limited to, otherpeople's privacy right and right of publicity);
8.1.3 hinder or interfere with the operation of our website or the server ornetwork used by our website; or in violation of any provision of the network,procedures, policies or regulations;
8.1.4 of our website delivery or payment of any harmful or invasive or possibleor intended to harm any hardware, software or equipment operation or to monitorany hardware, software or devices that use the virus, worms, Trojan horse orother computer code.
8.1.5 reproduced, copied, sold, sold, or used for any commercial purpose, or touse any part of our website (including the application or software), or its useor connection;
8.1.6 for any part of our web site (including the application or software) tobe revised, adapted, translated, reverse engineering, anti compilation ordisassembly;
8.1.7 without our prior written consent to the construction or reproduction ofany part of the site;
8.1.8 to organize to download and store content, user content or content of anyweb site to establish a database; and
8.1.9 copyright infringement, design rights and intellectual property rights.
9 content
9.1 all the contents of the intellectual property rights were by our ownedcontrol or licensed. Except you article 9.2 granted the rights and the termsand conditions are not given you have the content of any of its rights andinterests, and we keep all other rights.
9.2 subject to these terms and conditions, you may use the content for your ownpersonal use.
9.3 you may not be allowed to do so unless you have obtained our explicitwritten consent or you are authorized by the law:
9.3.1 use content for any business or other non personal use;
9.3.2 copies the contents of the content or to any other device or any otherperson to transfer the content; or
9.3.3 reproduced, distributed, communicated to the public, revised, reestablished format, the preparation of derivative works or show content.
9.4 if you are in violation of any of the provisions of this clause, we may, inyour discretion, do not supply any content to you, as you have violated theprovisions of this clause.
9.5 we will take all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure content accuracy,but almost does not guarantee and declarations (express or implied, accuracy ofstatutory or other forms of content, quality and integrity or the on any use ofappropriate, and we won't bear any responsibility. You also agree thatadvertisers on our website are shown in the advertising content assume fullresponsibility. Placing relevant ads do not constitute our recommendation orendorsement advertising products, the advertisers shall its advertising madeany statements negative full responsibility. We will not have you depending onour website contained in the accuracy of the information caused by the loss ofbear any responsibility.

10 usergenerated content
10.1 when you are on our website to submit any user generated content(including all text, files, images, pictures, sounds, videos or othermaterials) ("user"), we grant you to the permanent, irrevocable, nonexclusive, global, transferable, re authorization, paid, charter, royalty freeto reprint, distribute, to convey to the public, public performance, revision,prepare derivative works, display and user content using the website in otherways (including but not limited to any form of media and through any mediachannel promotion and forwarding site in whole or in part). There is no limitto the case you according to this article 10.1 granted our rights to the site includingthe grant to franchise the right to use the content on the website users tofunction from time to time permission. You hereby waive and users of all theother original content A person give up user content of all moral rights(including the right to identify the user's content originators of oropposition to any user content to be derogatory treatment of rights), andwhether the right current or in any future time, anywhere in the world whetherthere.
10.2 your statement, guarantees and covenants:
10.2.1 you have the legal right and authority to grant the franchise in Section10.1 above;
10.2.2 you are the owner of the user's content and / or have all of thenecessary rights, consent, permission and concessions granted to us in Section10.1 above;
10.2.3 we will not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or otherrights of any third party through the exercise of the above article 10.1 of thefranchise;
10.2.4 if the user's content is identified by any other person (whether byname, picture or otherwise), you have obtained the consent and permission ofthe person, so that we can make use of the privileged user content in Section10.1 above;
10.2.5 user content does not include any possible illegal, libel, obscene,offensive, endanger the safety of any person, to harass any person or notsuitable for display on the website of the material; and
10.2.6 in response to our request, you will provide us with a written copy ofthe consent, permission and license you are required to obtain.
11 indemnity
You agree to is due to violation of the any covenant, warranty, declaration andagreement and caused by us and we all directors, employees and contractors forany claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including legal costs) or otherliability to us and we all directors, employees and contractors made indemnity,and enable us to avoid damage.
12 link website
Our website in some links (including links) will lead you leave our website.Link only for your convenience to provide, including any link does not mean weon the website link, support or endorsement by the operator or its contents. Wedon't any site outside of our website content responsible for.
13 termination
13.1 if you breach any of the terms and conditions, we or will immediatelyterminate your entry into our website or register.
13.2 any right of a party that has been generated at the end of the date oftermination shall be enforceable.
14 intellectual property rights
14.1 our website all content and user content, design, text, images and othermaterials of intellectual property rights and select or arranged by our own,control or licensed. Without the prior written approval of the authorized useis strictly prohibited.
14.2 our website all trademarks, product name and company name or logo for ourproperty or their respective owners of the property. We have no use any of thetrademarks, appearance, product name, company name, logo or title giveapproval, and the use or will constitute violations of the holders of therights of the.
15 general matters
15.1 if in terms of such representations and warranties but through our websiteto us and suppliers of goods made, you acknowledge and agree that therepresentations and warranties but to to all suppliers for granted the rightsand interests of all the suppliers make, and related supplies business to theirdependence and enforce you made the statement and guarantee.
15.2 we reserve the right to that we offer at any time without notice inmodifying the site content (including services) and such terms and conditions.If such terms and conditions change, in website in any relevant changes stillcontinue to use our website that you agree to be the revised terms andconditions by the constraints. The rights including right to alter anycomponent of such terms and conditions as part of the document.
15.3 we have made all efforts to clarify the Qing provided on our websitecommodity price whether to include any tax or duty. If, in any case about thequotation is not clear, provided your in making before ordering note that youmay be liable for other than price by the supplier or the applied tax or dutyresponsibility (such as the value-added tax).
15.4 we attach great importance to the issue of privacy. Our privacy policycovers we use to provide you with any information. Using our service indicatesthat you agree that we can according to our privacy policy to collect, storeand use the information about you. You acknowledge and agree that by ourprivacy policy and terms of the constraint.
15.5 we reserve the right, in its sole discretion to refuse the user to enterour website or any part thereof, and shall not be obliged to give notice andrefused to any violation of such terms and conditions for the user to provideour services.
15.6 we almost not any violation of such terms and conditions by andaccountable to you nor because beyond our reasonable control range of anyevents or circumstances to through the website provide or delays to provide ourservice to you bear any responsibility.
15.7 if such terms and conditions of any article stationery judicialjurisdiction of court considered to be invalid or unenforceable, does notaffect the validity or effect of any other provision of, and the failure of theprovisions should be is considered to be the segmentation in the such terms andconditions.
15.8 we may transfer these terms and conditions or appoint any third partyincluding the group's company to provide services to you or to perform any ofour duties as provided in these terms and conditions.
15.9 you may not transfer or otherwise deal with all or part of your rights andobligations under these terms and conditions without our prior written consent.
15.10 such terms and conditions contained all the entire agreement andunderstanding, and replace all on such terms and conditions subject matters ofthe previous oral or written agreement, arrangement or understanding. Any partyshall be entitled to rely on such terms and conditions are not set forth anyagreement, understanding or arrangements.
15.11 these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hongkong, andyou agree to be governed by the jurisdiction of the Hongkong courts.
Rewards and promotion code terms and conditions
1. Through our shopping site, except as otherwise provided, you have thequalification to get a 5% rebate (net pay for each order) (hereinafter referredto as "reward". Net pay is deducted. In the applicable amount andreward from OK family or supplier to give other preferential or folding buckle.
2 the award is applicable to any goods ordered through our website.
3 except as otherwise provided, the MallDollar award is valid for 3 months.
4 the reward is not transferable and can not be exchanged for cash.
5 the award is not applicable to the payment of the delivery charge.
6 when your user account ends, the cumulative reward will be cancelled.
Promotion code
7 we provide the promotional code or coupons only for the purchase of aone-time through our website, and subject to terms and conditions of theconstraints.
8 promotional codes or coupons are neither refundable nor exchangeable forcash. Any remaining unused amount will be cancelled.
We reserve the right to terminate or change the above offer. If there is anydispute, our decision will be final and conclusive.
These terms and conditions constitute a part of the general terms andconditions.
Recently updated date: 2016 03 24

Love home network (China Venture Capital Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiaryof the company (hereinafter referred to as "we", "thecompany", "OK" family "or" love home ") withrespect to any browsing the web people or in love home network activity orregistered with the privacy of people who love home network service or onlinecontent (hereinafter referred to as the" services "). We will ensurethe collection, transfer, storage and use of personal data will be inaccordance with the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region chapter 486< personal data (Privacy) Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the"Ordinance ") provisions.
The term "personal data" contains the meaning of the interpretationof the Ordinance.
Purpose and use of personal data
You do not need to provide any personal data to access or use the site. Whenyou participate in activities or registration of Hong Kong TV using our serviceor online content, we will collect your personal information so that we canprovide services for you. You may refuse to provide us with personalinformation, but in this case, we may can not provide service for you. Yourpersonal data indicates that you agree with us, by this privacy policystatement using your personal data.
Personal data collected from your network may be used for the followingpurposes:
Identify your identity and any accounts you have set up.
To provide you with services
To verify identity and / or credit review
To deal with payment instructions or payments due to service related to theservice.
To handle orders, billing and fulfillment of orders for direct promotion of ourservices
Direct promotion of the company's business partner's products and services
Design the necessary services for you
Conduct market research, statistical analysis and behavior analysis
A survey and analysis of program ratings
Conduct customer data analysis and analysis of your shopping preferences.
Design the company's website and content to meet your specific preferences
To provide you with customer service
Handle your complaint and account inquiries.
Guard against and prevent fraud
In accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations to make disclosure
Any other purposes directly related to the original purpose of the collectionof personal data
Categories of personal data collected
Personal data collected by the network of love may include:
1. Your personal information and contact information, such as name, gender,date of birth, identity card number, telephone number, social media links,e-mail address, address, mailing address and / or send bills address;
2 your business information, such as company name and title;
3 of your account information, such as credit card account number and 4 digitor user account;
4 your household income and personal interests; and
5 your computer or mobile device IP address, instant location information,browser settings, browsing records and / or other Internet records.
Confidentiality, disclosure and security of personal data
Unless your written consent is made, love home network will not is due to yourpersonal information and contact information to trade. Love home network tocollect and maintain relevant for your personal data will be treated asconfidential; however, if you need according to the legislation rules orrequirements and perform legal responsibility, or to provide services for you,or execution collected personal data of the original purpose or directlyrelated to, the company likely will disclose the data (regardless of theirliving in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong): to the following person
Jurisdiction of the courts, law enforcement agencies, or other statutory orregulatory authorities, institutions or organizations
- the company to contact the company, service sales and marketing oradministrative participation, or provide goods / services vendors orcontractors, agents or other service providers
- any duty of confidentiality to the company of other people, including haspledged to secure the information of group members, information technologyconsulting, data processing contractors, auditors, accountants or lawyers
Banking, financial institutions, credit card distribution firm or credit carddebt collection
Any you sent or posted on our website or any portion of the site, comments,suggestions or information, in addition to the personal data are treated as inthe form of non confidential and non proprietary information voluntarilyprovided to the company. We have the right to own the use of such informationin other places, copying, disclosure, transfer, published and / or posted,including but not limited to, for the development and promotion of services andto meet customer needs to and provide such information to any contact with thecompany.
Love the home network will make every effort to ensure that all personal dataheld by the Hongkong TV are stored in a reliable, secure and safe place.
We will try our best to keep all personal information collected. However,please understand that we can not guarantee the security of the transmission ofinformation.
Transfer personal data to other places outside Hongkong
If need be in operation, the company will transfer of personal data to the HongKong Special Administrative Region outside the place to collect such data, ordirectly related purpose. Any information concerning the transfer will complywith the provisions of the regulations and constraints.
Preservation of personal data
So far, unless the law requires a Hong Kong television shall keep your personaldata for a specific time, Hong Kong TV will only save personal information toachieve the collected personal data of the original purpose, or directlyrelating to the purpose.
Direct promotion
Family love home network intends to your collection of personal data for directmarketing purposes, in this regard, the company need to obtain your consent.The company holds your name, telephone number, contact address, social medialink, product and service portfolio, transaction mode and behavior, browserecord program watching habits, personal interest, the company can use the datafor direct marketing of our services, and our business partners for theirproducts and services, or OK business product or service categories, includingmaternal, beauty and health, electronics, fashion, food and beverage, home,lifestyle, sports, telecommunications, media and entertainment category you mayinterested in products or services.
We can through the mail, phone, social media link, SMS, text / image / videomessage, fax, e-mail and other ways to contact you. If you do not wish toreceive from us any direct marketing communication can at any time by youraccount registration or we provide cancel subscription link to update yourpreferences. In receive notice to you, we will stop using your personal datafor direct marketing purposes, does not regard the charge to you.
The use of 'cookies' (COOKIES)
'cookies' is a when you enter the company page stored on your computer or otherelectronic device small text files. We use' cookies' in the web, in order to:
Identify your identity when you visit this page.
Obtain information about your preferences, access and browsing behavior, onlineactivities and the use of the Internet
Keep track of items stored in your shopping basket to assist you through thecheckout procedure.
To carry out research and statistical analysis to help us improve our services,to better understand the requirements and interests of visitors and visitors.
Provide a more effective advertising and advertising program for our businesspartners and advertisers to meet your personal interests.
Make your online activities more efficient and experience better.
To make security more rigorous.
We use 'cookies' obtained data may not include your personal data. Even thoughwe may make your computer or other electronic equipment data (such as the IPaddress, browser settings, browse record and / or other Internet records), butmay not be able to identify your identity. Due to confounding non personalinformation and personal information, privacy policy terms, we see relevantinformation for personal data. In some cases, we can collect your personalinformation, but it must be collected by your completed form online to providevoluntary, or in you our website to buy goods or services when.
If you do not allow the use of 'cookies', adjustments are made to the Internetbrowser. If you disable cookies', namely that you know may not be able to usecertain features of our page.
Connection page
This privacy policy statement on the company's website is only. We page maycontain leading to other sites and pages of the connection point. Whenever youstart any such connection URL, for example, clicking on any advertiserconnection column, you leave our website, and you left our web site to anyother groups provide any personal information or any other information,entirely does not in the scope of the company's control. You must bear all thebrowsing or using the risk of other sites.
Access and correction of personal data
If you have any questions about the privacy policy of the home network, or ifyou are interested in consulting or correcting your personal information, youmay notify us in writing at the following addresses:
China Venture Company Limited
To: Director of privacy information
Hongkong Dalian Road, Kwai Chung, row No. 136-138 administrative department onthe eighth floor of Arts crafts emporium Jianhua
In accordance with the regulations, the company reserves the right to chargeyou a reasonable fee for the access to relevant information.